Sunday, May 31, 2009

SuperSimonSunday: Let's Fight!

No idea why, but Simon's latest efforts revolve around some seriously bad-ass robots, just itchin' for a dust up.

Here's the piece he proudly presented me with after coming home from work yesterday - a Giant Robot about to go 'Godzilla vs Mothra' on a giant King Flabu-Flabu.

But this is interesting... it turns out King Flabu-Flabu is a pacifist ... either that or he just doesn't like his chances against this particularly aggressive tin man...

And as an afterthought, Simon showed me this variation he wasn't quite as happy with. Still pretty good though, in my books.

So whattaya say, huh? Wanna Go?! Son??!! Grrr!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SuperSimonSunday... on a Wednesday!

Its been a couple of weeks since I last posted any of Simon's cartoons. That doesn't mean he hasn't been busy creating them, though! So rather than wait until next Sunday (when I'll be away at the NCS Reubens anyway), here's his latest batch. Once again, he drew these while he was supposed to be working at his part-time job at Omi's store, the bum.

This smaller group has a couple of my favourites in it... King Flabu-Flabu, of course, but also the robots playing 'Rock/Paper/Scissors. (BSG fans will catch the swear reference). Simon's favourite is the long-eared character in the center, above.

But as usual, my favourite favourite is the rejected sketch Simon hates. I love this little monster with the red accents! Simon crumpled it up, but half-heartedly showed it to me anyway. Its awesome! He thinks I'm wrong. We have a difference of opinion, as usual.

Which one's your favourite?