Sunday, December 04, 2005

Simon's Sketchbook Sunday: joe&friends

joe&friends, originally uploaded by leifpeng.

What did I tell you? Once Si starts drawing a new character he attacks it like he's a character designer exploring this new guy until he completely understands him. Here's a random page I found laying around the house. There's Joe in the middle again and some funny, freaky friends. I love how Si's jokes are based on the irony of each character's situation: "Where'd he go?" asks the guy with nine eyes. "He's over there," says the little guy with no eyes!

Of course.


Doug said...

These are great! My favorite is the humana, humana, humana comment.... it sounds so familar... but I can't quite place it. Funny!

leif said...

That would be "Wolfie" from the Tex Avery classic "Red Hot Ring Hood" Jonesy. We raise our children right up here, y'know! ;-)

leif said...

Oops! I mean "Riding" of course! ;-)

steve said...

Your site rules leif! I'll bet your kids love the fact that you post their work on your site. Love your Illustration Friday stuff too.