Thursday, June 22, 2006

Illustration Friday: Dance!

My gosh! - its been so long since I posted anything on Leifdrawing 101... I feel just terrible. But this week Ward Jenkins inspired me with his beautiful Dance illustration that I had to make the time. As well, I've been showcasing the work of 50's illustration genius Jim Flora on my other blog (with the aid of Flora author/editor Irwin Chusid) so the combination was like fire and gasoline - my brain combusted!

I hope its ok that I put a twist on the "Dance" theme - and changed it to pole dance. Hope that's not too offensive...

Also, you HAVE to check out my son's I-Fri since it is a Father's Day gift to me. get out your box of kleenex - its a tear-jerker ( in a quirky Simon kinda way ).