Sunday, February 22, 2009

SuperSimon's *Sketchbook* Sunday

Herro! And welcome to another SuperSimonSunday! Today we're looking at some typical Simon sketches.

Simon sketches constantly, usually on any old scrap of paper that's handy, in his school notebooks, Post-It notes.. whatever. But he actually also fills a LOT of sketchbooks. Always has.

These are some sketches he did yesterday, while at work at his Omi's (my mom's) store. Si's regular Saturday gig is working at her gift boutique. When things are slow - yup - he starts sketching. Omi caught him sketching on all sorts of stuff he shouldn't sketch on... invoice pads, gift wrap and so on, so to help him NOT sketch in the wrong places, she did the typical loving Omi thing: she made sure he had his own steady supply of sketch pad paper on hand. (Click on the little TV sequence below to see a larger version)

Where does he come up with all this stuff? I have no idea. I didn't draw this kinda stuff when I was fourteen! But I love that he does. I may be the professional cartoonist in our house...

but Si's the natural cartoonist in da house!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Simon Sunday: Peace Man!

Still haven't really managed to get back to posting my own work here on a regular basis (I've been too tied up getting my new storyboard blog rolling) - but perhpas this week's Super Simon Sunday gives me the opportunity to hog at least a bit of the spotlight:

This was the beginning of a comic book project Simon started last year. We had visited our favourite local comic shop, Big B Comics on Upper James in Hamilton, and Simon found this neat little half-size blank booklet intended for sketching up comic pages. He pencilled a cover and completed the pencils on the first story - then showed it to me.

I was so excited I offered to ink it for him (Si hasn't quite got up the confidence for inking just yet). I thought it would be SO cool to do a father and son comic like this...

Buuuut... I got busy and distracted , and Si lost interest in PeaceMan as he moved on to other things. Personally, I think he was overwhelmed by the magnitude of having to come up with enough material to fill a whole comic!

So this is as far as PeaceMan ever got. A real shame, because I still think it could have been awesome. And hey, you never know; Si may yet come back to it. In which case, I will absolutely jump back on the inking chores.

After all, you never know - PeaceMan could be the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... and I have my retirement to think of!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

SuperSimonSundays: Monster VS Robot = A+++!!

Last semester, Simon had Grade 9 art. Yes, in today's school system, you only get Art (or Gym or Math or whatever) for half the year. (?!) This is a patently flawed system! How many kids are going to stay current with doing art or exercising or remembering their equations or whatever if its off the table for, like, 8 months out of the year?

Anyway (grumble)...

Here's one of Si's big "culminating activities" as they call them.

Its a little hard to grasp the scale of the piece from this scan but the original is 2 feet wide! So I have included some close-ups for your enjoyment.

Robots have been a recurring theme in Simon's work over the past year or two. I credit Futurama with being the influencing factor. Bender is Simon's hero.

Si has inherited the family trait of 'working best under extreme pressure' or as its more commonly known, "procrastinating". He was up until something like 4 in the morning trying to get this piece done in time to hand it in for marking. That's my boy!

But hey, what can I say? The piece was a huge hit with his teacher.

Check out the mark at bottom left (in pencil).

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Return of Super Simon Sundays!

Its been a long time since I first posted some of my son Simon's artwork. Too long. I had hoped Simon would keep posting to his own blog but he kind of lost interest. I guess its up to me to make sure the world gets a chance to see what he's been drawing, so expect Super Simon Sundays to once more become a regular feature here on Leifdrawing 101.

Simon actually did this strip two years ago, when he was just 12. I think its pretty damn hilarious - and the drawings and character designs are fantastic. Or maybe I'm just a proud papa. Whatever. Enjoy!

* This one's ©2006 Simon Peng so don't be stealin' it.