Thursday, March 12, 2009

From Mary Blair >>to Paige Pooler >>to Me!

Here are two hand washing safety posters I did last month for a client in Toronto. These are intended for use in kindergarten classrooms. Black and white versions that kids can colour will also be distributed.

Notice how they changed from the sketch stage to the final.

My initial inspiration for these was Mary Blair... but I must tip my hat to the amazing Paige Pooler, who's work always inspires me when I have to do cutey-pie artwork.

I get a little frustrated with what seem like arbitrary client changes...

... like the simplifying of the table legs and lettering on the hand sanitizer bottle. Why? I thought those touches added some charm. And they didn't understand my stylized sun "rays" (which I lifted from an old 1950's Golden Book).

... but that's the ad biz for ya!

* More colour book-type art by me.

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