Sunday, April 26, 2009

Drawing Drugs

A couple of weeks ago I posted a step-by-step of a magazine cover I was working on. Well, here's a copy of the cover PDF that my wonderful art director Linda sent over! Linda was amazing to work with - very enthusiastic and open to my suggestions. What a pleasure it was collaborating on these visuals with her!

As well as the cover, we did two interior spots and ten small icons which Linda planned to use to break up columns of mostly grey type. Drugstore Canada is a trade magazine, meaning a relatively tight budget, and that was quite a lot of artwork for the money. But I didn't want to pass up such a fun project (and really, in this economy, who can afford to turn away work?)

Happily, Linda was open to suggestions and by putting our heads together we came up with some creative solutions and figured out ways to re-use elements for different purposes, cutting down on the total amount of artwork that needed to be created.

So for instance, notice how the column icons have found a second life as a conceptual way of illustrating that the heroic pharmacist has a multitude of solutions to your health problems literally "at his fingertips".

And, if you scroll back to the top and take a closer look at the cover, you'll see how the pharmacist artwork plays a supporting role in the background, again eliminating the need to create a new piece of art.

This was accomplished by carefully planning ahead and then executing the artwork of his many "ghost hands" on various layers. That way, when it came time to add him to the cover, I just turned off the layers with the extra hands and dragged and dropped him into the cover artwork.

I'm delighted with how this project turned out - and I hope Linda was as well. I'm proud to add the cover to my collection of Magazine Cover Art by Me Flickr set. Not just because I love how the art turned out, but because Linda's excellent design of the type elements makes this cover a real showpiece. The interior art joins other work in my Editorial Art by Me Flickr set

Thanks to Linda for giving me a chance to shine on this great assignment!

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Simil Shepard said...

Really nice and amazing drawings!

Regards from Spain*