Sunday, April 26, 2009

SuperSimonSunday: The Awesome Test Monster!

Simon brought this test home the other day and left it on the kitchen counter.

I picked it up said to Wendy, "Did you see this test Si brought home? This is awesome!" Wendy came and agreed: "Wow, Simon," she said, "that's a great mark!"

Still holding the test I turned and looked at her. "I meant the drawing of that monster. The drawing is awesome."

"You're ridiculous", she said in exasperation as she walked away.

Si came in and said, "That drawing? You like that drawing?! I didn't even like that drawing. I was thinking about erasing it!"

Simon was annoyed.

"Why do you always have to like the drawings I hate?" he demanded, stalking off in frustration.

I dunno... I think its awesome! And yes, that was a very good mark too. Great work, Si!


GeoFulton said...

i think this monster is neat!

marco's blog said...

awesome monster and great story! great blog, thanks for the tips on the guache brush for painter.

Matt Hunter Ross said...

Funny - I remember acting that way about things I did that my parents liked, too. And I'm sure that'll be the case with my own son in a couple of years.

Leif Peng said...

Thanks guys, glad you like Simon's awesome test monster.

Matt; I never realized how petulant and contrary my kids would become when they reached teen-hood. But now I see it as payback for the way I treated my parents when I was that age! ;^)