Saturday, July 25, 2009

Work in progress: Ranxerox sample

I haven't posted much in quite a while, so here's something I've been fooling around with during slow spots in my schedule.

One of my favourite characters from Heavy Metal magazine when I was growing up was Libertore's Ranxerox.

I'll post the whole thing when its done.... this is just a teaser.


Quack said...

Hey Leif,

Cool piece, Heavy Metal was the greatest. One other blast from the past I noticed was the netscape icon in your dock, and it's OPEN!!??


Leif Peng said...

Hey Steve;

Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I must be the last person on earth still using Netscape... what can I say, I'm nostalgic - yes, its still works on just about every website! On the opposite end of the spectrum, I also dL'ed Chrome the minute Google made the beta available for Mac... and its great - I far prefer it to Safari and Firefox.

* And I love the stuff on your site btw - great style :^)