Sunday, August 16, 2009

SuperSimonSunday: DIE!

"Dad, you know what tomorrow is...?" Simon slyly asked me yesterday afternoon as he pressed a jumble of odd-sized papers into my hand.

Of course. "Super Simon Sunday." Its been a while since I posted some of Simon's insanely clever and entertaining cartoon art. So here you go... hot of the griddle of nearly-15-year-old Simon's brainpan; a handful of new Super Simon Sketches (done while he should have been working).

*MORE Super Simon Sunday Sketches here.


Mike Lynch said...

Wow! Wonderful art from Simon! Please have more Super Simon Sundays!

David Apatoff said...

Hmmmm... what do all these ferocious drawings say about Simon's upbringing?

Leif Peng said...


Thanks for your enthusiastic comment -- rest assured, there are many, many more supersimonsundays to come! :^)

Leif Peng said...

David; You're astute observation forces me to admit we have been the sort of 'bad parents' who allowed Simon to watch vintage uncut Bugs Bunny cartoons when he was little - as well, Wendy sewed him a Power Rangers suit for Hallowe'en one year. We also never prevented Simon from extending his pointer finger while curling up the rest, "cocking" his thumb and shouting "BANG!"

Clearly, we have created a monster!

Chris Houghton said...

Just stumbled upon the blog Leif, awesome stuff! Simon's one funny dude. I especially love the bigfoot who's willing to pose for blurry photos. ;D