Thursday, January 28, 2010

IF: Wilderness

Its been a very long time since I participated in Illustration Friday - but recent events in my life have brought me back, and I'm really happy to be participating again. This is not actually the theme for the current week... I wanted to "warm up" with an old theme before I actually jump back in and join the IF group. So I chose a theme that IF ran a couple of weeks ago: "Wilderness".

This one was especially meaningful for me because every day, seven days a week, I take my dog Zero for a hike in the nearby "urban wilderness" of our local conservation areas. Lately, I've been disturbed by the creep of suburbia. In some areas I've watched it approach over several years to the point where it seems the developers will chew up every last inch of their green space to build cookie cutter houses.

In a sense, our urban wilderness is being replaced by a suburban wilderness.

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Anonymous said...

I agree completely with that statement, and this illustration displays it well. I've slowly watched the forest near my house get smaller over the years too. How long until what is still conserved is no more than dollars in a land devloper's pocket?