Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Simon Sunday: Peace Man!

Still haven't really managed to get back to posting my own work here on a regular basis (I've been too tied up getting my new storyboard blog rolling) - but perhpas this week's Super Simon Sunday gives me the opportunity to hog at least a bit of the spotlight:

This was the beginning of a comic book project Simon started last year. We had visited our favourite local comic shop, Big B Comics on Upper James in Hamilton, and Simon found this neat little half-size blank booklet intended for sketching up comic pages. He pencilled a cover and completed the pencils on the first story - then showed it to me.

I was so excited I offered to ink it for him (Si hasn't quite got up the confidence for inking just yet). I thought it would be SO cool to do a father and son comic like this...

Buuuut... I got busy and distracted , and Si lost interest in PeaceMan as he moved on to other things. Personally, I think he was overwhelmed by the magnitude of having to come up with enough material to fill a whole comic!

So this is as far as PeaceMan ever got. A real shame, because I still think it could have been awesome. And hey, you never know; Si may yet come back to it. In which case, I will absolutely jump back on the inking chores.

After all, you never know - PeaceMan could be the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... and I have my retirement to think of!

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