Sunday, February 08, 2009

SuperSimonSundays: Monster VS Robot = A+++!!

Last semester, Simon had Grade 9 art. Yes, in today's school system, you only get Art (or Gym or Math or whatever) for half the year. (?!) This is a patently flawed system! How many kids are going to stay current with doing art or exercising or remembering their equations or whatever if its off the table for, like, 8 months out of the year?

Anyway (grumble)...

Here's one of Si's big "culminating activities" as they call them.

Its a little hard to grasp the scale of the piece from this scan but the original is 2 feet wide! So I have included some close-ups for your enjoyment.

Robots have been a recurring theme in Simon's work over the past year or two. I credit Futurama with being the influencing factor. Bender is Simon's hero.

Si has inherited the family trait of 'working best under extreme pressure' or as its more commonly known, "procrastinating". He was up until something like 4 in the morning trying to get this piece done in time to hand it in for marking. That's my boy!

But hey, what can I say? The piece was a huge hit with his teacher.

Check out the mark at bottom left (in pencil).