Sunday, February 22, 2009

SuperSimon's *Sketchbook* Sunday

Herro! And welcome to another SuperSimonSunday! Today we're looking at some typical Simon sketches.

Simon sketches constantly, usually on any old scrap of paper that's handy, in his school notebooks, Post-It notes.. whatever. But he actually also fills a LOT of sketchbooks. Always has.

These are some sketches he did yesterday, while at work at his Omi's (my mom's) store. Si's regular Saturday gig is working at her gift boutique. When things are slow - yup - he starts sketching. Omi caught him sketching on all sorts of stuff he shouldn't sketch on... invoice pads, gift wrap and so on, so to help him NOT sketch in the wrong places, she did the typical loving Omi thing: she made sure he had his own steady supply of sketch pad paper on hand. (Click on the little TV sequence below to see a larger version)

Where does he come up with all this stuff? I have no idea. I didn't draw this kinda stuff when I was fourteen! But I love that he does. I may be the professional cartoonist in our house...

but Si's the natural cartoonist in da house!

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